About Dr. Mason

Challenged from birth

Dr. Michael Mason was born in 1950 and raised in New York City. While he enjoyed the privilege of being raised by affluent parents, Dr. Mason was born with cerebral palsy during a time in which awareness for the needs of the differently abled was virtually non-existent.  

Rising against the obstacles

Despite the hardships he faced, Dr. Mason molded himself into an extraordinary student, obtaining two masters degrees from Columbia University and a PhD from New York University. Dr. Mason went on to become a successful psychologist, devoting his career to improving the lives of both the disabled and the able-bodied alike. His story will inspire and give hope to all who read it.

Telling his story

On the Outside Chance, the first book in a trilogy of Dr. Mason's memoirs, tells the story of his childhood and teen years. The book will be released in print, digital and audio formats by Evolved Publishing in 2021.